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Киерон Уильямсон - Художник

Киерон Уильямсон / Kieron Williamson 4 августа 2002 Норфолк, Англия — британский художник-акварелист.

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Kieron Williamson – Artist - Киерон Уильямсон - Художник

I first began drawing independently during our first family holiday to Cornwall, England in May 2008.  Inspired by the boats in a nearby Bay at Gillan, I asked my parents for a sketch pad.  The very next day I was drawing pictures of boats and as the holiday progressed I began to add backgrounds, scenery, hills and houses.

During the early summer of 2009, Carol was getting ready for Holt’s first town festival, and like me, she was surprised and frustrated by the lack of entries of local talented people. Carol could not offer me weekly art sessions that year, but instead offered me the opportunity to show my work in her gallery window, which is celebrated each week by different artists. I also advertised in Holt’s local newsletter, The Holt Chronicle, offering Pet Portraits to help raise pocket money.  I appreciated that good art materials do not come cheap! And my Grandma Gill was incredibly generous during those early years and kept my art supplies flowing.
In August 2009, 19 of my paintings made their first public appearance and the rest, as they say, is history!

Overnight I had become a global phenomenon.  We never expected that people would want to buy my work, but people flocked to the gallery to see it and they telephoned and emailed the gallery too. My paintings have sold worldwide.  My first exhibition of work in the November sold out in 14 minutes.  There was interest from over 35 countries worldwide and I started with over 1800 followers on my mailing list and this list is still growing!
And I just kept on painting, painting for the love of it, painting the landscape around me, and spending time with people who also love to put it onto canvas.

Kieron Williamson – Artist

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