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What length to choose a chain?

First of all customers do an accent on weight of good and the stylistics of the weaving, but one more important criterion of choice is length. Incorrectly selected length of the chain can visually make the neck short, spoil a spectacular dress or shirt, emphasize age or make the chin more massive.

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The most universal length of jewelry - 40-50 cm for women and 50-60 cm for men. The length of 50-60 cm visually lengthens the neck of a woman.…

Possessors thin and long necks can afford chains that are adjacent to the neck. Women of adulthood should shift the focus from the neck to the décolleté zone, so the chain should be longer.

If your height does not exceed 165 cm - chains of 40-50 cm will suit you. For the growth of 165-170 cm any chains are suitable, for women over 170 cm you can wear longer products.

Full people with a thick neck will fit chains longer than 55 cm. The same applies to male bodybuilders with impressive muscles.

A non-standard chain, length 70-80 cm, can be worn as an evening accessory. The long chain should not be too thick and massive, otherwise it will visually weight the image. Also, it's worth remembering that the chain cannot touch the cutout or the edge of clothing, whether it's a man's shirt or a woman's dress. It will look ugly.

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